FDA's Dry Shampoo Recall Shocks Me into an Aerosol-Free Switch: This Product Won Me Over

FDA's Dry Shampoo Recall Shocks Me into an Aerosol-Free Switch: This Product Won Me Over

If you’re a sweaty gal and dry shampoos are your ride or die…

You’ve probably stumbled upon FDA’s recent recall on over 300 aerosol dry shampoos.

I was left speechless. 

My all-time favorite dry shampoo since highschool made the list.

So, I set out on a mission to find a dry shampoo that was both effective and safe. I tried countless aerosol-free options, but none seemed to tick all of my boxes. That was, until I discovered The Set.Co's Refresh Dry Shampoo.



What Is The Set.Co’s Refresh Dry Shampoo?

Here are some facts on this brilliant product:

  • It is an aerosol-free and talc-free formula that immediately absorbs sweat, oil, and build-up.
  • Adds instant volume and shine to hair without leaving white, powdery residue.
  • Made using safe ingredients for you (tea tree oil, chamomile oil & jojoba oil) and the planet (no benzene).
  • It is also an Aussie-made product.


Why Is It Safer Than Aerosol Dry Shampoos?

Unlike its aerosol counterparts, this dry shampoo comes in the form of a loose powder that can be sprayed where needed, avoiding the heavy all-over coating of traditional aerosol dry shampoos.


So Does It Tick All The Boxes? My Honest Review.

This product completely exceeded my expectations and won me over in just a few uses. 

Non-chalky finish

The formula is free of talc, you'd be surprised how many other brands still use this harmful ingredient. Many dry shampoos contain a high percentage of talcum powder, which does a great job absorbing oil. But the downside is, it can leave a noticeable, white and chalky residue in your hair. Not this baby. 


It needs to ACTUALLY do its job

As an active person, I sweat a lot from gym sessions and weekend hikes. Washing my bleached hair every day is not an option, which is where The Set.Co's Refresh Dry Shampoo comes in handy.

It helps me go from sweat to meetings or appointments with fresh, clean, and voluminous hair that looks healthy and glossy.


“Smells like a SPA”

If I’m  hiding my 3 day old hair, I need to mask the smell too… So the organic ingredients get extra credit for making my hair effortlessly smell like I’ve just walked out of a spa. The kaolin even has antimicrobial properties that help support scalp health, too.

So in conclusion, if you're looking for an aerosol-free dry shampoo that is safe, effective, and easy to use,  The Set.Co's Refresh Dry Shampoo is the product for you.

It has completely won me over and I couldn't be happier with my switch. Say goodbye to hazardous chemicals and hello to perfectly refreshed hair with The Set.Co's Refresh Dry Shampoo.