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Microfibre Yoga Towel

The Energizing Set | 183cm x 61cm

This sweat-absorbent towel is good for more than just keeping you and your mat dry. No more excuses for falling out of pose with our soft, absorbent, lightweight fitness towel in a unique non-slip design. 

  • Non-slip to design to help maintain posture and poses
  • Soft and highly absorbent lightweight material
  • Quick-dry
  • Great for: Bikram, hot yoga and other fitness that really works up a sweat
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Formulated for Fitness

Corners designed to hug your yoga/pilates/fitness mat and keep your surface dry and slip-free.


80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide

Key Ingredients


Tested and approved by athletes under the gruelling conditions that an active lifestyle entails. You can trust our products will be working hard, just like you!


A range of high quality self care products that have been developed and formulated to be sweat resistant, ultra hydrating and to protect from the sun.

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Asked Questions

Why do I need a special skin care routine because I workout?

Exercising gives your skin a healthy glow, but it can also trigger breakouts if you don't maintain a proper skincare regimen. Sweat and dirt can clog pores during a workout, leading to breakouts and blackheads. Our products have been specifically formulated for active enthusiasts and the skin concerns they struggle with.

Where can I buy The Set.Co products?

At the moment we are only available online at

What is the order of use with a daily routine of The Set.Co products?

If you are after a fuss free routine we suggest the ‘Daily Dose’ bundle where you can get all the essentials to get you started. The order of these products for a morning routine would be: Reset Cleanser, Replenishing Tonic, Multi Action Vitamin C Serum and The SPF 50+.

How do I track my order?

We will automatically send you a tracking link once your order has been processed. Keep an eye on your emails!

Does The Set.Co test on animals?

No, we are cruelty-free. We never test on animals - only athletes.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! International shipping is available and also free for all orders over $100. Keep in mind that your country's customs department may charge you an import tax depending on the local regulations.

What is the refund policy?

We will accept returns for sealed and unopened products for a full refund.

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